typical pop-punk anthem

hello there
i am having quite a lot of trouble.
there are some horrible things
i am still trying to figure out.
how much of me is conditioning?
i sit in my room and ponder
about who i really am.
looking in the mirror thinking
i’m not what they see,

we have to pop-punk leave this town
because none of my friends understand me.
i’ll just stand in this crowd and sing along
with everyone who has the same music taste
and similar hate towards this society.
it seems these songs are all about the “me.”
we never talk about the important things
like police brutality
or the warming of the seas.

but i just need someone to hear me.
i have a heavy heart.
my thoughts are drowning me
because i can’t think of anything but myself,
and how unfair life is
as a middl-class white american.

this is your typical pop-punk anthem
throw your hands up if you agree
that the world is crashing down around
nobody but yourself.
keep them up and jump and scream along
let out the warrior within you.
the soldier who’s only battle
was the suburban high school.

this is your typical pop-punk anthem.