Seven Mood Lifters


I don’t know about everyone else, but I get emotionally drained pretty quickly. If I have to spend the day talking with people, I get home and I am in a ~mood~. Or if I work too hard for too long ~mood~. So how do we lift this ~mood~?


It is different for everyone when it comes to what causes a mood or what will lift it. But I have seven items that always seem to help me get to a better place quicker.

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A Bullet Journal Journey

I am really into planners.

I love planning my week, my days, jotting down goals and to-lists. I like knowing what’s coming, what to look forward to, or checking my progress on certain tasks. I have bought all kinds of stationary and kept different systems to try to keep myself organized. But I was always on the hunt for something better. Something more personalized to my lifestyle.

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