2019: Balance

The theme last year was “movement,” and I think I made some pretty big moves. This year, I want to focus on balance. I let work eat my life (again), and I don’t make time for myself. I want to find a balance between mind, body, environment. Balance between my work, personal, and creative life.

In order to do this, I need to actually follow the plans I make. And I need to sort out my priorities: making time for the things and people I love while also staying true to responsibilities.

2019 is the year of feeling relaxed. No more feeling like I have to accomplish a thousand tasks before the sun sets. No more feeling like I am behind in a race I didn’t even sign up for. I want to feel satisfied, content. Less sad and angry.

Let in the love, the light, the opportunities, the balance. I am closing my door to negativity and hate towards myself, over trivial concerns or matters.

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