i hated pink
because it was forced upon me.
i hated frills.
i hated fluff.

you can’t wear sweats
it is meant for sports.
you can’t wear pants, only a skirt,
this is a formal gathering.

i hated sitting
because that’s all i could do.
i hated walking.
i hated skipping.

you can’t sit like that
it isn’t lady-like.
you can’t climb trees
you’ll fall and hurt yourself.

i hated being told what to do,
but now i know i have a choice.

i choose to like pink.
i like it’s brightness.
i like it in cheeks.

i can wear whatever i want
whether it was meant for sports
or casual business days
as long as i am comfortable.

i can sit however i want.
i can run.
i can walk at my own pace.

i can choose who i am.
i can choose how i present myself.
i have choices.

and i choose me.