maybe i’m no good for you

you wanted help
cried all night and pleaded.
you decided physical pain
was an adequate suppressor,
but nothing erases emotions

they linger in the bloodstream.
it’s a numbness.
one you think is unidentifiable.
until you almost forget
what you were even feeling.

physical pain fades. flares up.
i can put a bandaid on and ignore it.
but i can’t cover my eyes and pretend
i didn’t see the loss and fear in your eyes.

maybe i’m not good for you.
seeking comfort in someone
who can only manage a quick pat,
a short vote of confidence,
a dusted off shoulder
that’s not qualified
for your self-tormented soul.

maybe i’m not good for you.
you said so yourself.
i’m not all there
in a one-sided friendship.
i lack the supply to restock
the confident know-it-all
who cries when losing.

but you meant the world to me.
and i tried.
only to be cast aside.
maybe i’m no good for you,
but now i finally see
you are the one
who is no good for me.