2019: Balance

The theme last year was “movement,” and I think I made some pretty big moves. This year, I want to focus on balance. I let work eat my life (again), and I don’t make time for myself. I want to find a balance between mind, body, environment. Balance between my work, personal, and creative life.

In order to do this, I need to actually follow the plans I make. And I need to sort out my priorities: making time for the things and people I love while also staying true to responsibilities.

2019 is the year of feeling relaxed. No more feeling like I have to accomplish a thousand tasks before the sun sets. No more feeling like I am behind in a race I didn’t even sign up for. I want to feel satisfied, content. Less sad and angry.

Let in the love, the light, the opportunities, the balance. I am closing my door to negativity and hate towards myself, over trivial concerns or matters.

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GYFT -Breaking down your goals

So you should have a basic idea of what your goals are. If you haven’t come up with your broad goals yet, go to my previous post about Getting Your Life Together. If you have already done all that, have your worksheet ready because we are going to begin breaking down our goals.

For this exercise, you will need the break it down worksheet. Okay, all ready?

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Get your life together: how to create achievable goals

it is the new year, so all excuses about waiting for it are gone. Now it’s time to get our lives together by following the plans we made or dreamed.

Wait a minute, our whole life? That is a bit hefty. How can we get our whole life together in one night?

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2018 The Plan: how to create goals

So we took a look at the past year, which is typically the first step when coming up with New Year’s goals. By reflecting, we can see where we would like to improve, and also it just helps to see how good the year went. But now we need to come up with The Plan.

So I accomplished none of my 2017 goals. They were all half-assed.

I am not good at making habits and not being home sometimes puts a stopper to any progress I make. For example, when I stay at my boyfriend’s house, I’m supposed to be spending time with him, and that’s less time to read, less time to exercise, less time to even clean.

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2017 – A recap

I did not expect December to get so busy. Blogmas kind of fell apart, but I did write more than I thought I would, so that is okay. I was thinking about how 2017 has been to me, or what I decided to make of it. So here is a little recap of how 2017 went for me.

I recently graduated college and was hunting, scouring for a job. I finally got on towards the end of January. I managed to move up in positions from part-time, to full-time, and then to the lead at a department store. I worked online for a bit in addition to that too.

Adjusting from going to school and being instantly rewarded for work with grades and praise for being so smart to being degraded in a retail job and expecting to just know how to do adult things was weird. I am still dealing with those feelings.

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