GYFT -Breaking down your goals

So you should have a basic idea of what your goals are. If you haven’t come up with your broad goals yet, go to my previous post about Getting Your Life Together. If you have already done all that, have your worksheet ready because we are going to begin breaking down our goals.

For this exercise, you will need the break it down worksheet. Okay, all ready?

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Seven Mood Lifters


I don’t know about everyone else, but I get emotionally drained pretty quickly. If I have to spend the day talking with people, I get home and I am in a ~mood~. Or if I work too hard for too long ~mood~. So how do we lift this ~mood~?


It is different for everyone when it comes to what causes a mood or what will lift it. But I have seven items that always seem to help me get to a better place quicker.

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