Get out with your “niches.”

I took a class that involved keeping a blog, and I fell in love with it. However, I always had a problem sticking to a “niche.” The hardest aspect of building a blog for me, and what has kept me from actually starting, is the advice that you need a “niche.” Well, I didn’t know how to categorize myself. I even took personality quizzes that came up complex. So what do I do? Do I cram myself into a niche-cranny I don’t want to be in forever? No. I make up my own. Welcome to the “20-something-year-old concerned with beauty, fashion, personal lifestyle, the environment, and her cats” blog. As a relatively young adult who recently graduated college, I’m trying to find my place in this world. I am an aspiring author who loves cats, beauty, baking, crafts, and many other things. My interest in writing began with a 7th grade poetry contest. Poetry turned to story-telling, which turned to writing of all kinds. I love to share ideas and reading articles is one of the many great ways to learn. That’s why I went with a Communication degree instead of English. As I continued writing, I realized words are a way to connect with people. Sharing emotions and thoughts with people is one of my favorite things as well. I write so I can have people comment “same.” Living in a south Jersey shore town, there isn’t much excitement in my life. But I plan to travel to many different places. And even though there isn’t much standard excitement around me, it’s what we make of our situation that makes it fun. I believe in ambition. Motivated people are my inspiration. So I’m taking a note from them and starting to actually work on writing and sharing that writing. Along with some other projects going on in my personal and professional life. I’m creating the life I want, and I want to share that experience.
Also, just a warning, as we go forward … I really like cats.
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