Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Don’t have time to think or put together a Halloween costume? Running low on money and would rather save you money for holiday shopping? Planned on spending the night with your cat drinking red wine like last year but then someone invites you to a Halloween party? 

Well. Do I have some ideas for you. Amazon has some pretty decent costumes for $40 or less, however, I am in the “don’t want to spend money” on a whole ensemble person, So here are a few ideas I recreated with some items I already had, or that I could quickly order to complete the outfit, which are affiliate links I have included.

Britney Spears in Baby One More Time

This is the most basic of outfits. Skater skirt, knee or thigh-high socks, white button-up, grey cardigan. Add a smudged eyeliner look with braided pigtails in a fluffy scrunchie and your all set. Maybe learn some dance moves to complete the look. 

Risky Business

I’ll be honest, I have never seen this movie, but I sure do know this scene. All you need is a large button-up (I stole my fiance’s for this), sunglasses (not pictured) and some white crew socks. That’s it. That’s the look. Maybe add some spandex or biker shorts just in case.  

Tai from Clueless

Everyone is selling matching plaid sets because Cher always knew what was up. I personally do not look good in yellow, and let’s be real, I’m more of a Tai than a Cher anyway. I got this pink plaid matching set, pink sweater, choker-like bib necklace. The only thing I didn’t have was some funky earrings and a headband.

Lydia from Beetlejuice

Lydia knew about those looks. Her black hat outfit is pretty simple to recreate. Long flowy black dress or piece over an all black outfit, large black hat, maybe a camera as a prop. Boots. If you have bangs you can gel them like she does. I didn’t have a black flowy dress, so I wore a tight dress under a flowy duster I have. Of course, all black is key.


Velma from Scooby Doo

Velma is pretty easy for me to recreate because she is literally my soul. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but I already have thick glasses. Mustard top, red skirt, orange socks. I opted for black shoes because I don’t have red ones like that. If you have a prop or old pair of thick-rimmed glasses, you can leave them places and pretend (or actually be) to be blind! Jinkies!


A classic. The easiest and potentially the thottiest of all costumes. To keep it easy, wear all black, find some ears, and a tail if you desire. Do a cat eye and whiskers with some eyeliner and bam. Cat. You can really get creative with makeup to make this costume pop more. That is not my cat or my picture by the way. You can do the same thing with others animals like a dog or a fox.

Modern Witch

This is up for interpretation. I think dark colors, flowy pieces, dark makeup. I have hooded eyes so it’s a little hard to see the purple smoky look I attempted to do. Probably for the best. You can do elemental witches, zodiac witches, whatever you fancy.

Modern-version Character

There are some great pieces of art depicting modern versions of dated characters. I could think of Cinderella and Mereda for my closet, but there are many more options for your favorite characters.

Sandy from Grease

The original glow-up. Your own version of Sandy is pretty easy to create (sans cigarette please!). I don’t have red heels, so I went for all black. Pleather leggings and a crop top with a mesh cutout for those sexy vibes without revealing too much. And sleeves for warmth. Not pictured is the black leather jacket I have in my coat closet to throw over top.

Baby from Dirty Dancing

Easy and comfortable, Baby knew she could move in this. If it’s going to be warm where you are, this is a good pick. Not pictured to complete the look would be the black belt I left in my closet and white shoes I don’t have. Finish the night with 5 hours in the bathroom for the kinkiest curls and you are all set.


I wish I had the time to recreate this look. The makeup look and picture is not mine and I tried to find the credit on Pinterest, but of course, no one cites their sources. I made a basic scarecrow outfit to balance out all the makeup that would go on the face. Find a straw hat and you are ready to keep them crows from the crops. Or those stupid boys from your drunk friends. I don’t know.

Hogwarts Student

hogwarts student

Plaid school skirt, black boots, white top or colored sweater of your house. If you have a scarf or other Hogwarts paraphernalia, add it to the look to get the right vibe. I pretended I had a long black cloak by layering this black duster to finish off those back-to-wizarding-school vibes. All I need is a wand.

Mia Thermopolis from Princess Diaries

Don’t brush your hair, stick on some glasses and a school girl outfit and you’re Mia Thermopolis. You can have a friend be the “pretty” version or her best friend for a good BFF costume match. Not pictured would be a stolen tie from the fiance, maybe a black cardigan or blazer, and this look is complete.

If you are looking for a twist, take a character or joke and make a dead or sexy version of it. You can get fake blood and do white makeup with black blending to make the costume dead. Add fishnets to anything and now it’s the sexy version.

What are your ideas for a simple Halloween?

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