How to Survive the Workplace

Tips on being professional

As we enter professional life, there are some things that aren’t shared. We know 9-5 office life from TV, but what should we actually be doing? Should I be waking up at 6 a.m. to hit the gym before work, skip breakfast, have an extensive skincare routine? 

The answer to the “morning routine,” is “that depends.” What kind of time do you have? What are you willing to make time for? Does this have to be done in the morning?

I’ve been at my desk job for over a year and a half now, sitting at the same desk in the corner. How do I survive 9 hours sitting staring at a screen? Here are a few tips I have discovered. The links are affiliate links.

Make your space your own. If you can, you should bring in some items that’ll make your space more yours. Plants, pen holders, mouse pads – these are just a few things you can bring to make the space yours. And of course, little pictures of family, friends, and/or pets can bring some much needed joy to your space

Take breaks. And I am not just talking lunch breaks. I am talking get up, walk around, step outside. And please, also take a lunch break. Food is important to your workflow (and um living!), so make sure you fuel up to conquer the day. It is recommended you take a mini break at least every hour. I know it is not always possible to take breaks like this depending on where you work. But take a moment to stand and stretch, look out a window, walk around the office – whatever small thing you can do that doesn’t involve staring at a screen. This applies to personal days and vacation time too. Please take your breaks.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – but don’t ask the same question twice. In every job, especially day one, you are learning. And if you have a great job, you are learning every day. So don’t be afraid to ask questions! However, be careful of asking the same questions over and over. Make sure you fully understand something before moving on. Write it down if you have to or ask that they explain it again in a different way. 

Show up. I mean this in a few ways. First, be on time. Especially for meetings. It is rude to keep people waiting and it makes them feel like they aren’t important, Second, show UP. Dress professionally (and meeting industry standards, bloggers dress different for work than a corporate office) and comfortable. But most importantly, dress to your style. If you aren’t comfortable, it’ll show. Lastly, make sure you are ready to go – well fed, well prepared, well rested. These three things will bring success. Know your stuff and don’t be afraid to learn, improve, and really smash those goals.

Speak up. Don’t be afraid to bring issues or new ideas forward. Don’t let your employer walk all over you in either respect. You have the right to ask for reviews, raises, etc. You are also in the room for a reason, so speak up if you have something you want to say!


I hope you got the main idea that the most important tip of all is to take care of yourself. Without a healthy you, there is no good work. Tired, hangry, grumpy people make more mistakes. And this is your life. Your work does not have to define you. Think about what’s truly important (friends, family, children, your cats), and you’ll see that you need to show up for them, and you can do so by taking care of yourself. Everything else will follow.

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