2019 Fall Fashion Preview

September is finally here! Fall is the fashion season and I am ready to make outfits. Summer is a hard fashion season for me because I am more concerned with not sweating than I am with looking cute. I wouldn’t call myself a fashionista, but I do appreciate a good outfit. Actually, put together a good look is what helps me feel good. So as part of the Back to Badass series, here are some looks to help inspire your fall outfits.


When picking an outfit, I take two things into consideration: weather and comfort. I want to be comfortable for whatever I am doing in the weather I am doing it in. Where I live, it will still be pretty warm into October, so transitional pieces are a must.


Peep the Hello Kitty bandage on my knee because a cat bit me at the shelter. She rubbed up on me but when I went to pet her, she said no! Anyway, a pencil skirt is for all seasons. This one is more of a pencil-length and a little more body-con fit, but the length keeps it appropriate and the material keeps it comfortable. I originally got this skirt from Forever 21 a few years back, but any “juniors” store would have something like this. The white top is from H&M and it is very lightweight. I love the sleeves for some extra coverage, and the open shoulders for some character. I did pair this outfit with nude sandal heels, but I couldn’t figure out the framing.


The best thing to do to make a summer dress work or school appropriate is to throw a cover on top. Cardigan, blazer, just an open button-up shirt, are just a few shirts you can throw on top. I also recommend putting a cropped t-shirt over as well. This outfit features an A.Byer dress from Boscov’s and an A-Byer shirt also from Boscov’s. 


Speaking of open button-ups, this is the secret to achieve a day-to-night look. High-waisted pants, a crop top and an open-button up. Keep the shirt closed and tuck in during the day, open it up when the moon comes to play. Layer a heavy material if the nights are cooler. The gingham pants are from H&M, the bandeau from Boscov’s (best fit! Tight, but comfortable), and the white button-up is from Kohl’s. I did pair this with the white boots you can see on the shelf in other pictures, but of course, sneakers would make this outfit too.

e it look like you tried, trousers and a band tee are it. The shirt was a gift, but I’m sure literally any Hot Topic or thrift store will have a great selection of band tees. Plaid trousers are from H&M, and are a bit of a heavier material for windier, colder days. The heels are from Boscov’s and the belt bag from T.J. Maxx. I will be honest, I wound up returning the bag because it was not adjustable enough to actually fit my waist.


I wish I took a good picture with the blazer on because this long-line blazer from H&M is a looker. It fits me so well. The cami is also from H&M. On dress down day, pair it with jeans and knee-high boots and you got yourself a look. Leggings or tighter pants with flats or heels, even ankle boots, would still work. The blazer is a nice layer for when it’s a little chilly, and for when your office is still pumping the A.C.


That’s all I have for now! I could continue to style my whole closet, and I love to find new ways to style what I have. Next time I’ll try to get better shots of the whole outfit with the shoes and everything. Which outfit was your favorite or what do you like to wear during this weird time of cold in the morning, sweltering in the afternoon.

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