Taking down the summer mood board

Every year I make a list of goals and things I would like to do throughout the year, but I also make an extra one for summer. I have come to the realization that summer is my least favorite season because I live in a shore town and because its just too hot for me to want to do anything. Not to mention I work 9 hours a day, so by the time I get home there really isn’t much time or energy left to do anything. Summer isn’t a vacation anymore.


Even though I wish my summers looked like this mood board, it never happens. And it’s not a complaint anymore; it’s more of a freeing realization that I am not this person. As much as sitting by a pool or on the beach in the sun seems nice, I honestly can’t be out in the sun for more than an hour. Makes me sleepy and my skin would melt off. And getting to the beach through all the out-of-towners lugging their 10 children and beach equipment like they are camping there for the night just doesn’t seem fun to me. Besides the beach being overcrowded and too loud, all the restaurants are packed.


Adding onto that, the weekend is the only time I have time to myself. I volunteer at a shelter Saturday morning, sometimes visit family, clean my house, get done what I neglected to do during the week. And then it’s Sunday.


I’m going to stop fooling myself every year and stop being disappointed that I didn’t “do anything.” I am not on vacation. I don’t take summer vacations anyway, I’d rather do it at other times in the year because everyone else is requesting off. Plus, my friends’ and my schedule doesn’t always add up, and I am not the kind of person that enjoys going places alone.

summer mood board

Summer Mood Board, you are a dream. A life I wish I could indulge in. But a cozy fire and knit sweaters are more my speed.


**The products featured in the mood board, however, are products I use!**

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