Summer 2019 Dry Skin Picks

Even though it is summer, we are still out here with dry skin! It is an all year ‘round problem. My problem in the summer is that I do not want to slather 15 different creams on my skin only to feel oily and sweaty later.

So I rounded up my favorite pics to have hydrated skin, without the heavy layers. And none of these are affiliate links:

I was the type of person to not do the double cleanse, but I tried this blm and I am never going back to a one-step wash when i have make-up on. It really helps get all the makeup off so when you wash your face, you are really washing your face.

It comes out like coconut oil – kinda solid then melts as your skin warms it up. It really does take the day off. And it doesn’t make my dry skin feel rubbed raw!

Tried and true, this is still my favorite face wash. I have tried a few others, my second favorite being First Aid Beauty’s Pure Skin Face Cleanser (Sephora, $21). But this one is so… simple! It feels great and does not leave my skin feeling barren from moisture or irritated. Once I finish trying out the 10 other cleansers I bought (I know, I have a problem) I am definitely going back to this one. And the price doesn’t hurt either!

I was afraid of exfoliators for awhile because I have sensitive skin. Until I learned that flaky dry skin can really benefit from a nice polish. I don’t use this every day, maybe twice a week. But it really gets the job done without ripping my skin barrier away.

It uses biodegradable exfoliates, so this product is green. And it is cruelty free. But back to the exfoliates, they are so gentle, I think you really could use this everyday. Because my skin is sensitive and I’m not trying to damage my skin barrier, I only use this product 2 to 3 times per week. It really makes a difference.

  • First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask (Sephora, $24)

Since my skin is so sensitive it needs constant reassurance I still love it, I treat it to this oatmeal mask. Oatmeal is naturally great for irritated skin, poison ivy, burns, you name it. I use this after I exfoliate and any time my skin feels a little extra irritated. Like after trying a new product that makes my skin flare? Rinse my face and pop this baby on, takes the redness right away!

I am new to the serum game. I thought moisturizer was just enough. But oh my universe, the DIFFERENCE. The vitamin C has been really helping brighten and even my skin tone, a problem I have especially with my red patches. This product also moisturizes, so it is almost a two-in-ne. I still prefer to add a moisturizer after as well because my skin is rivaling the desert.

Sephora’s new naturals collections not only makes their products from natural sources, but the packaging is also made with recycled materials. So this product is green all around.

  • Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream (Sephora, $52)

I don’t normally pay this much for beauty products. I bought a sample size as part of a mini gift set, and I am devastated that it is now empty. I feel immediate relief and satisfaction with the dryness after one use. This is more of a god-send in winter when facing the cold. But this is also my cheat when I “forget” to do my skin care routine. Brings my skin right back to life.

I have always lacked in the sunscreen department. I would only apply a generic water-proof brand when I knew I was spending all day outside or thought the spf in my makeup would be enough. Seeing recent studies, I know how wrong I was! I used Neutrogena’s Beach Defense for a little bit until I found this beauty. I thought since sunblock is so important that I’d splurge a little.

This could replace my primer. It goes on lightweight, doesn’t slide off. Is literally not pigmented nor does it have fragrances in it, so it is perfect for my face and perfect to go under makeup. I can’t say for a fact that it does not have a white cast because it blends onto me, but I heard some others say that it doesn’t, since the formula is colorless and not dyed white. And I haven’t gotten sunburn while wearing it, so it does it’s job!

I thought a sleeping mask would be weird, but it really just absorbs into your skin like a moisturizer. This one’s jelly consistency and nice smell also make it very appealing. I sometimes use this, again, when I am too lazy to do everything in a skin care routine. I bought this on sale, so I was a little sad at the price.  But it smells amazing and helps keep my face moisturized. So I ain’t mad. And I think I would buy it again if the only thing holding me back is the price.


Honestly, if I used all these products like I was supposed to as a routine I would have perfect skin. I just don’t always have the will or patience. And I might have rosacea but I never got clinically diagnosed. But these are my summer favorites. Please share what you have been loving to use this summer!


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