How to be okay with where you are at

As we are growing up and we see everyone move on to bigger and better things, there may be some jealous feelings. We see posts every day of how people are getting married, earning promotions, traveling to awesome destinations – and there you are sitting and watching it all through a phone screen.

Feels kind of dark, doesn’t it?

Or maybe you should stop sitting in bed, turn on the light, and stop acting like all the fun in the world is on the internet. It might be called a “news feed” but the only news here is that life is not the curated content on Instagram.

The reason so many people in their early twenties feel lost is because of this culture of “hustle” and the emphasis of hitting your dreams when you are young because when you hit thirty, that’s it. Your life is over and you should be married and have 3 kids.  There is nothing wrong with working hard to achieve your dreams. There is also nothing wrong with trying to do as much as possible with the time you have. But there is something wrong with not appreciating the life you have had so far and what is to come.

But when it comes down to it, you should be happy with where you are. We all know there could be room for improvement, yet there does not need to be these constant comparisons to others’ accomplishments. Jealousy does not get you to where you want. It lingers and makes you sit in bed, loathing yourself for not achieving all that can be achieved before you hit twenty.

If you see a 16 year old changing the world or becoming famous, be happy for them! If you see someone who is 86 years old finally going back to college or learning new skills, be happy for them! Age is not a factor in this discussion and it should not be a factor in your nightly degrading hour. Getting a degree at 20 and getting a degree at 40 is the same degree.

There is always time for what you want. “If I was younger, I would…” well stop right there. Why not now? Kim Kardashian is going to school to be a lawyer, so why can’t you? Money aside, there is no reason why you should not do the things you want to do.

So who cares if Megan is getting married before you, and you guys aren’t going to have kids at the same time who would also be best friends? You still have time to find a partner. Love is out there. And what about that trip you wanted to take? You have no one else to worry about. Time to save up!

All this aside, it is also okay not to be what you see on the news feed. You don’t have to travel the world sipping different drinks alone in a hotel room full of useless balloons to be happy. You don’t need a million people to like your bikini picture you were finally brave enough to post. Those people don’t matter in your day-to-day life. They don’t even know who you are. And why would you want everybody in your business like that?

All I am saying is, I have learned to be comfortable with where I am at. There are some things I wish I had finished sooner (writing a novel, paying off student debt) and there are things I am grateful I had the opportunity to accomplish so far (college, moving out, job I like). Sure, those influencers on social media look cool and their lives look effortless. But remember, that’s what a lot of them are paid to do. And they have nothing to do with my goals and dreams.

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