2019: Balance

The theme last year was “movement,” and I think I made some pretty big moves. This year, I want to focus on balance. I let work eat my life (again), and I don’t make time for myself. I want to find a balance between mind, body, environment. Balance between my work, personal, and creative life.

In order to do this, I need to actually follow the plans I make. And I need to sort out my priorities: making time for the things and people I love while also staying true to responsibilities.

2019 is the year of feeling relaxed. No more feeling like I have to accomplish a thousand tasks before the sun sets. No more feeling like I am behind in a race I didn’t even sign up for. I want to feel satisfied, content. Less sad and angry.

Let in the love, the light, the opportunities, the balance. I am closing my door to negativity and hate towards myself, over trivial concerns or matters.

So I broke my life into categories so I can focus on how I want to accomplish certain goals and achieve balance.


  • See dad twice a month. 
  • Stop talking about work so much

Since I moved out, I have been visiting and even talking to my dad less, and I did not mean for that to happen. I feel like seeing him twice a month is reasonable for both of us. This year I also found myself talking about work, and it was mostly complaints. So enough of that negativity. I am more than my job… I think.


  • Be more vocal about any issues, concerns, or ideas
  • Learn to leave it at the office (only speak about the positive things when you get home. Unless there is something you need to talk about for advice).
  • Stop working 6 days. Every week.

I don’t speak up when things bother me, and it is something I am working on. And like I mentioned, I am going to leave any bad vibes at the office, with the exception of if I want advice on an issue. So basically since starting I have been working six day weeks. I managed to get Saturdays at home, which relieved part of my stress, but I still don’t shut off the work brain until Saturday night. So I really only get Sunday to wind down. This one is dependent on finding another coworker, so maybe this should be more of a hopeful wish than a goal …


  • Make it look like we didn’t just move in
  • Stay on top of cleaning

I am actually pretty proud and satisfied with how we made us of our space. I spent time to find places for everything. But we still have a few boxes around with stuff, especially seasonal stuff, that needs a home. I also bully myself with how I don’t keep on top of cleaning. Still trying to figure out a way to have a cleaning schedule without feeling guilty if I don’t feel like doing the dishes that night ….


  • We’ll give it one more year: Parnox Summer 2019.
  • Begin dream research
  • Blog twice monthly

The main thing I neglected last year. A lot was going on, and I fell into a few depressions (not clinical) towards what I was doing with my work and where I was going with it, but this year I am just going to do it. I would rather have a finished piece. So Summer 2019, get ready for my finished novel. And I am also going to try to blog twice a month. It might turn into more depending, but I feel like that was a good start.

The dream research is a secret. Do with that information what you will.


  • Yoga 3x’s a week
  • Weights 2x’s a week
  • Gain 5 lbs

So this is another area where I fell off. I did yoga for a bit in early Spring, but once again I let the changes in my life interfere with my well-being. But I am in the position to develop a schedule now and set time for myself. We got this.


  • Look more presentable (outfit picking night before and better face routine, hair?)
  • Reading goal: 25
  • Duolingo: get three crowns in every lesson
  • Don’t skip your schedule to accomodate someone else
  • Skillshare – learn something new every week. (or continue skills)
  • Word tattoo
  • Art
  • Trip?

I kind of lumped these together in one. I have been showing up to work, but I would like to start showing up to work if you know what I mean. I am lucky enough to not have a dress code, but I feel like I should put my professional clothes to good use. I am being less ambitious with my reading goal because I would actually like to hit it this year, and I will be reading some thicker books than last year. Gear up.


  • Continue to build savings
  • Continue to chip away loans 
  • Continue to make smart choices

I thought I would be worse with money than I am. But honestly, I don’t spend that much. Especially when I would rather pay the gas bill than for new shoes. That’s partially a lie, but that is what I tell myself to keep my shoe collection down. We only have a two bedroom with little storage space and he made me share the closet, okay? We only have so much space!

So what are your plans for 2019? Share in the comments! Do we have similar goals? If you don’t have your goals sorted out just yet, what is one thing you are hopeful will happen this year?


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