2018: Moving On with a Quick Look Back

I was too busy making plans and not following through on my personal goals, but the theme of the year was movement and there was quite a bit of that.

Some may be bigger changes than I am making them seem, but by now, at the end of the year, everything is old news and I can see the future already. But let’s take it back to see how 2018 moved me.

I left my retail job after enduring inventory. If you have never done inventory for a department store, then consider yourself better off. I left because I was not making enough money, even at middle management, and I was not thoroughly enjoying the people I had to deal with. Fortunately, my coworkers were great and I actually liked the physical aspects like unloading boxes of merchandise and rearranging the floor.

The job I left it for is still not technically in the field my degree is in, but I feel like it’s a step closer. In-between switching jobs, I went on a trip to Portland, Maine. I loved it there. It gave me different perspectives on how my life could be different and how things were changing for the better.

I am making enough money to sustain my bills, and getting this job actually provided me with the means to move out. I got the job in May and I was moved out of my dad’s house at the end of June to live with my boyfriend and our cat. I made my way to management again by October.IMG_3228.JPG

There were smaller milestones like plucking up the courage to get my ears repierced and trying contacts. I had my first work event, saw my idol The Kitten Lady speak at the college I graduated from, and even started volunteering at a shelter. I pet cats every Sunday.IMG_3165.JPG

I didn’t get to see one of my close friends as often as I would have liked, but she and her boyfriend drove to see me around my birthday. I went to IKEA for the first time and experienced their surprisingly wonderful vegetarian meatballs. We had our first Christmas, just my boyfriend and our cats. Oh, right, we also adopted a senior cat towards the end of the year. He is the one in the sweater in the featured picture. He is naughty, but he is the sweetest cat.


I had reached a personal savings goal while still chipping away at my debt. I read 24a books this year, and went to a ton of concerts. It is easy to try to compare other people’s lives to my own, and that might seem to dim my own picture, but with all the movement, it didn’t matter where they were, it mattered where I was going.

I am always thinking about ways to improve that I wanted to take a moment to appreciate where this year has led me. I may not have accomplished everything I wanted, but I did a lot more than I thought.IMG_3149.JPG

Cheers to the new year, and the goals I will reach within it!


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