Seven Mood Lifters


I don’t know about everyone else, but I get emotionally drained pretty quickly. If I have to spend the day talking with people, I get home and I am in a ~mood~. Or if I work too hard for too long ~mood~. So how do we lift this ~mood~?


It is different for everyone when it comes to what causes a mood or what will lift it. But I have seven items that always seem to help me get to a better place quicker.

  1. Soft blankets

If it is too hot for me to be under a soft blanket then I am uncomfortable. Catch me like Linus with a blanket always. If it was socially acceptable, I’d bring a blanket to the office. The softness and warmness just brings me to a cozy place. I can relax. Extra mood lifting points if I am able to put myself in burrito mode and watch funny TV for hours.


  1. Cleanliness

This one takes a little more work than snuggling on the couch with a blanket. But while I am cleaning and seeing all the mess go away and become orderly, the mood goes with it. Laying in bed with a freshly cleaned room and candle burning, let me tell you, I feel like all my personal problems are gone. It’s cliche, but it is a true fact: a clean area really does help clear the mind.


  1. Cats

Honestly, if it’s soft and warm I am immediately comforted. But add some purring and you got my mood flying off back to the mountain cave it belongs in. Cats are such weird creatures, but petting some soft, loving kitty punches my mood right in the face. I don’t have to talk to the cat (I do anyway) and the cat doesn’t expect much from me, and sometimes I need that kind of atmosphere.


  1. Comparing where I have been to where I am now

They say the unexamined life is not worth living, or rather Socrates said that … but anyway, some self-reflection when my mood is sitting on my chest gives me the strength to push it off. We have come a long way, fam. And where I’ve been is behind me, so far behind me. It allowed me to travel as far as I did. And I am in a much better place.


You can try thinking about three things in your life that have changed for the better. And if there are no positives changes you can list, write three things you would like to change and one task you can do today to get you one step closer to that goal. There is always something you can be grateful for, but if you can’t think of it in that mood, try to make changes today so in time you can reflect on that moment as a pivotal point in which you decided to make some positive changes for yourself.


  1. Do something for someone else

I don’t know about you, but I like to give presents. I overthink getting the present sometimes because I always want to give good ones, but I love the hunt for that one thing I know that someone else will love. And the nice thing you do for someone else doesn’t have to be a gift. It could be a ride somewhere, paying for the movie, house-sitting, anything that benefits someone else.


The point is to not dwell on yourself and get out there and make yourself useful by doing a little something for someone else. No task is too small either. Give someone a dollar for the vending machine. Bam. Mood lifted because someone else got a free candy bar.


  1. Do something for yourself

If you are the kind of person that gives too much, maybe it’s time to give to yourself. Insert “Treat yo self” GIF. A good day of taking some time for yourself is a day well spent. I don’t need to explain why this is a mood lifter. And you don’t have to spend money if shopping isn’t your thing. You could spend time reading, baking, painting, writing, binge-watch, etc. You know what you want, boo, now go do it.


  1. Skincare/ self-love

So I have terrible skin. Taking the time to make sure I can get a little moisture and life back into my skin makes me feel better. My skin is red and dry, so if I feel like this mask is going to fix that, then my mood is lifted. Even though I know deep down one mask won’t drastically change my skin, I know taking the time to address the issue is one step to relieve.


What are your mood lifters? What gets that weight off your shoulders? Share in the comments below or tweet me @renadeer using #moodlifter.

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