DIY gift wrap ideas

There are loads of options for wrapping paper. They even have an array of prices so you can get cute dollar paper to fancy five dollar ones. Bows, ribbons, strings! So many options. But how do I make it more personal? The thing with gift wrap is, anyone can buy paper. Someone can even buy the same paper! And does every present have to look the same with just different colored paper?


Have no fear! A list of DIY gift-wrapping ideas is here:

  • Repurpose old Christmas cards


If you are the type of person to keep cards, but constantly think about maybe throwing that one from ten years ago away, then maybe you should repurpose the cards. Most have cute themes and art styles that can be cut out and pasted to paper.


  • Brown paper creations


Brown paper can really go a long way. You can make a reindeer or other critters using pompoms or buttons. Or you can add your own doodles with a permanent marker or even use stencils or stamps. OR you can add twine and natural elements such as pine cones or pine boughs. There are so many things you can do to brown paper.


  • PIctures


If you have a printer and ink, print out some photos of you and the person the present is for, or just cute photos, and put them on the package


  • Bags


Gift bags can be easily bought, or you can create your own, or you can buy a canvas bag to put things in. Bags can be decorated as well with the addition of colorful tissue papers as well.


  • Baskets


If you got the person a few things, or are making them a cute kit, using a basket is a cute way to arrange everything. You can slip a bag or paper over to hide the items if you wish. Baskets can have bows, tissue paper, garlands, flowers, you name it.


  • Newspaper


Wrapping a gift in newspaper can look really cool especially for those who love books or words or comics. You can add to it by using twine, ribbons, bows, or other pieces to spruce it up.


If you are looking for more ideas, Pinterest has a great selection. You can check out my board as well for some more Christmas ideas. I would love to see everyone’s creative wrapping ideas! Tweet or tag me @renadeer, or share ideas in the comments.

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