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Y’all know Sephora owns my life. I never thought I would be THAT girl to own so many beauty products, yet here I am. I just organized everything I own today too and was like, man, I shouldn’t really use all of this more often so I can buy more. Because do I have a wishlist.


Since I put myself on a Sephora ban until my birthday (to save my credit card), this post was risky to write. But there are so many gift sets that just look like something else I would love to have.



If I had all the money in the world, these are the gift sets I would snatch up for myself:

  • All the Urban Decay Naked Palettes


They are a staple, I don’t own a single one, and for some reason I want one so badly. I have two palettes, but I don’t really have anything “basic.” Do I need 5 palettes by the same brand with similar colors throughout? No. Does that stop me from wanting all of them? No. (They had all of the palettes in a bundle for a period of time, but I didn’t see it when I went to look, but hey, you know what they all are.




I have been getting into highlights because I love to glow. It distracts from my flaws. I liked the way this packaging looked and the colors looked like they would compliment my light skin. I have never used anything from this brand before, but I have heard enough good reviews to be excited to try it.




I recently got their repair cream and masks (First Aid Beauty Mask Diaries) and the cream is nice on my hands and my face. Like what. The two most different skin areas (for me anyway) can use the same one. And I just used one of the masks tonight and it felt nice. So I want more.




Since I was recently disappointed with my recent liquid lip purchase (looking at you Stila Stay all Day), so I am determined to find one that doesn’t wind up on my nose. I liked the feeling of a liquid lip since mattes are very drying and I have chronic chapped lip. So the colors of this set were nice and I want to try them.




I am an amatuer when it comes to brows. I only only used Glossier’s Boy Brow and Benefit Cosmetics Goof Proof eye pencil, both of which I liked. This kit is like a maintenance kit for the hair and not just a product to apply, which I thought was cool. I am also all about having a natural-looking brow because I can’t draw mine on too thick or creatively because my face just doesn’t work with them.




I have been liking the mask game. I only mask about once or twice a week because I don’t want to bombard my skin with a thousand products. I heard this brand was good, and these masks all sound like they would help my skin problems.




I saw this was good for uneven skin tone and I thought this was for me. My skin has a lot of redness and dullness, this just sounds like a miracle product. And it doesn’t look like it is irritative.




I love Clinique. I am currently using many of their moisturizers and their foundation. This is the nicest product on my skin. This is like one of the top brands for sensitive skin, I think. Doesn’t make my face flush or make it itch. Their lip products feel nice. The one mascara I have is bomb. Like. I know I would love everything in this bag. I have never been disappointed in a Clinique product before. Oh and the makeup remover isn’t harsh and really removes even the toughest of eye liners and liquid lips.




“Sparkle like Bowie in the morning sun,” is kind of becoming a goal of mine. Hence the second highlighter kit. I like a lot of the Urban Decay products I have used so far (Perversion mascara and eyeshadow primer) so I have hopes for this kit.




I have two NARS lip pencils and the matte formula is great. It isn’t too drying and it has nice pigmentation. This particular kit has some nice holiday colors in my opinion. And I am curious what is going to make the lips look like “velvet.”




GIrl, I have a sample of the red one and. Girl. This is a glittery metallic DREAM. I have the red one and it is actually nice on my face, so I want more colors. I love shiny things and I think metallic lips are awesome. It’s so different. The formula was soft and almost felt like a moisturizer when I applied it. So naturally, I am drawn to this kit.




… Por que no los tres? Maybe there is a grand difference between all these highlighter sets. I have a feeling each one gives off a different vibe so that’s why I want three. I also heard very good things about Becca highlighters so I want one.


I tried to stick to only sets because there are so many products I would like to try. I don’t know when this obsession started. Sephora just makes it so easy with its great product descriptions and free shipping and rewards and free samples. UGH.


So what beauty products do you want for the holidays? It doesn’t have to be from Sephora! Share in the comments or tweet me @renadeer using #beautywishlist.



**All photos were taken from Spehora’s website; none are my own***


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