The rules of gift-giving

During gift-giving season, there are a few important things you need to remember while thinking about and buying gifts for others. Sometimes it’s hard to remember the purpose of a gift because the weight of perfection and cost looms over all the fun.


These are just a few reminders on the rules of gift-giving:

  1. Think about the person, not yourself or others


The gift should be about and for the person. Don’t worry about what other people will think. Give what you know the gift-receiver will enjoy and use. The gift is for them, not anyone else.


**This rule does not always apply to children.

Please be respectful of how other parents

want to raise their children**


  1. Don’t buy because you have to


Buy because you want to. Because you want this person to be happy. Gift-giving is about surprises and giving someone something they will enjoy and love. You should really try not to stress about who you “need” to give presents to. Who do you want to give presents to?


  1. It’s not about the money


Face it, there is no “perfect gift” with the magical price tag. Those people who look at the price tag and think, “that’s all you spent?” in a snide way don’t deserve the present and you should tell them you would be happy to return it for them. A person who cares will love whatever thought and care you put into their gift. And a thoughtful gift means more than a price tag.


That’s really it. Just three simple rules. Giving gifts should be rewarding and exciting to both parties, so try not to stress too much about the “perfect gift.” What do you consider when buying presents for others? Share in the comments or tweet me @renadeer using #rulesofgiftgiving

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