10 favorite holiday activities

10 favorite holiday activities

People hype up summer, but winter has some really cool and exciting things too. Especially since there are so many holidays and celebrations to cheer us up in these cold times. Here are jsut some of my favorite things about winter and the holidays:


  • Baking cookies

You might start to see a theme as these posts continue. I absolutely love baking. And cookies are the easiest treat to share. That is what I love about baking besides the delicious treats: sharing with other people and have them also enjoy the deliciousness.

  • Decorating

I never used to be this way but there is something about decorating now that makes me feel good about the space I am in. Halloween/fall I decorated more than I ever have. And then I realized I also only have like three Christmas/winter decorations that weren’t tree ornaments.

  • Shopping

I don’t think this one realy needs an explanation. We all know I have a spending problem. But I also love getting stiff for other people and now I have the excuse without thinking about my budget … much.

  • Movie time

There is something different about watching movies in winter. I guess because it’s colder we can cuddle up and snack and drink warm drinks. And it’s too cold outside for me to be thinking about how I should be outside, so I don’t feel guilty about lounging around.

  • Cuddles

Speaking of snuggling up, winter is the time when your cats really want to cuddle. It’s cuffing season, and I love it. My cat at home (Miss Pea, the all grey one) has been following me around the house and it sleeping with me in my bed again, and I couldn’t be happier. I guess you could snuggle with your SO too, but like, why would you when you have cats?

  • Eating

I eat a lot all year ’round, but wintertime has the best treats. Sorry summer, but winter just beats you with all the soups, warm treats, and food that makes you feel like a stuffed turkey.

  • Giving/surprises

I love giving gifts even though I feel weird about it sometimes. I am not always sure the person is going to like the present and it stresses me out. But I love when they are appreciative and like and will use the present because that’s really all you can ask for.


In turn, even though I don’t like surprise events, I love surprise presents. To have someone think something through for you and then surprise you with it is just awesome.

  • Messing with my cat

The holidays means it’s time for ugly sweaters and dressing your pets up to their hearts discontent. I try not to torture her too much because I love her and want her to be comfortable, but you can’t help yourself when she makes faces like this.

  • Get-togethers

Even though I am an introvert, I do like going out once in awhile. Especially around this time. I can’t quite explain it. But having reunions with your friends or family and going out having a nice time. I think I go out more in winter than I do in the summer.

  • Light displays

I live in an area where people get their houses lit. There are a lot of people who really go all out too. It’s cool to drive around and see how people decided to string their houses and yards with lights.



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