Fall Essentials

I haven’t written in awhile because I was waiting on doing that look book, but since it is still too hot or raining, I’ll just make a Fall Essentials post. There’s a new sweater I still need to buy that I would like to feature in the look book anyway.

Fall is not my favorite season. But it is my second favorite, so it deserves a proper welcoming. There is just something special about the approach of the holiday season, the baking season, the weather cooling down and becoming more crisp. It might bot be my favorite season weather-wise, but fall traditions have to top my list of favorites.

Honestly I can’t make my mind. Autumn or Spring? The transitions are my favorites. Anyway.

Moving on, fall is a transitional season, so we definitely need transitional pieces. My favorites are a lightweight jacket or a leather jacket for those colder days. I love lightweight flannel shirts as well for those cooler but not quite cold days.

I spruced up my room with some fall features to get more into the season. I love fall colors even though I normally don’t wear them. But the warmer colors in the leaves and the cooler weather (still waiting on) is just a lovely juxtaposition in mood.


Nothing says fall like boots. I LOVE boots. I feel they give an extra kick to any outfit. I’m pretty sure I’m about to order three more pairs from Target.

Fall scents are some of the best scents. The baked goods, the coffee, the pumpkin, the apples and cinnamon. I am not heavy on burning candles because some scents are too strong for me and most everything makes my dad sneeze. But I did find this one scent that gives off a subtle-sweet smell that I just love. I was hoping to find some more light autumnal scents to help the hygge-vibe of fall, but this one is good for now.

The scent is honey oats from Chesapeake Bay Candles Home Scents Collection, which I picked up at Target. The smell is so sweet and light, so no headaches or sneezing! For me at least. I also got a Autumn Breeze scent from Haven, which I picked up from Ross, and Autumn from Bed Bath & Body Works. I am ready for everything to smell good.

And now that the warm season is over I can finally pile the blankets back onto my bed.. The thing I love most about it being colder is being able to probably snuggle under some blankets. I love feeling all cozy and warm, especially since I have about 15 different blankets.

Alright, so we are cozy under a blanket with the candles going, and you know what that means. Yes, I consider books to be a fall essential. Maybe it was the school season that makes me feel ready to read, but there is nothing like cuddling up in bed and reading the night away.

Since the winter is coming, it is also important for me to start upping my moisturizing game. I have incredibly dry skin, so I need a whole product lineup just to keep everything from drying out. I have been cleaning my face with micellar water and the gel, switching depending how much makeup I decided to wear. I also use the Clinique Redness Solutions to minimize the amount of redness my skin has. The rose water I use as a nice moisture layer and as a setting spray.

But the Garnier Clearly Brighter Anti-puff Eye Roller has become a new favorite. I tend to get purple ’round the eyes, and this has brightened them up considerably! Now I don’t need all that concealor to look alive. It has vitamins A and E and feels so cold on my eye. It is one of my favorite things to do in the morning now because it genuinely feels good on my eye bags.

So those are a few of my fall essentials. Anyone have any all-time favorite fall things? Share in the comments below.

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