Meet the fam

On this 30-day journey of getting to know me, we of course have to touch on the most important thing in my life:


My pets.

Animals have been important to me since as long as I can remember. They are sweet, loving, moody, lovable creatures, and I just want to snuggle them all.

We’ll start with Miss Peep.


This is the first pet I have had when living with my dad. He found her under a porch on one of his jobs and had to take her home. The owners of the house didn’t want her around because they had three big dogs. Anyway, I named her Allie, but since I was only there on the weekends, my dad called her Peep because she couldn’t meow. Now we both call her Miss Peep because she has earned that title with age. Except my grandma calls her pusskidders. I don’t know why. But she’ll answer to it surprisingly. Where there is a grandma, there is food. Even pets know that.


Next is my baby Smudge.


Smudge is technically my boyfriend’s and my cat. She lives with him currently. She is the sweetest baby. She will answer to Baby Smudge or Fat Baby, but no so much Smudge on its own. I love her so much.


This is Tuppence cat. Or TuppTupp. Or a plethora of other names she can’t hear. She is not my cat, but my boyfriend’s family’s, but that doesn’t stop her from charging over to me and banging her head against me while purring uncontrollably. Tuppence shows her love in special ways like that.


Oh look, Baby Smudge again … Isn’t she so cute? Wish I was curled up with her right now.


This is my mom’s pupper. Riley is a wiley dog being a Rott-Pit-Curr-Corgi-Shina Inu mix. You read that right. She is a true mutt, but she stole my heart with those big eyes. I get tackled everytime I visit my mom. Her mama, Daisy, yelps and jumps on me too.


Daisy is a sweet but yelp-y dog. Very noisy. Does not like to let the cat have attention.


Here is Riley a few months ago when she was still small. Such a baby.


This is my sister’s cat, Sara, who isn’t allowed to have attention because the dog’s don’t like it and who actually doesn’t want attention because she hates everyone. Yet I still feel a nuzzle at my elbow or ankle when the dogs are outside. She follows me around the house and I am not even over often. Call me the Cat Whisperer.


This magnificent boy is Cello. He is my friend’s dog, but I include him because I love him. He is such a good dog. Did I mention I love him? I love her cats too, Puppy and Cookie, but I don’t think I have recent pictures of them. (Cough Cough invite me over cough).


You might think this dog is working hard, but no, he whined until I let him sit on my lap. he doesn’t like when he isn’t getting attention. This is my aunt’s dog Dweezel, or Dweez, who we sometimes dog sit. He is a really good dog because he listens very well, isn’t too rambunctious, and is very sweet.


This are my main boos. I love any and all animals and will steal the love of your pets when I come over.

Alright, now that I’m done, it’s your turn! Please post your pets in the comments! I want to hear all about them! I am feeling a little under the weather today and some animal pictures would make me happy. If any of your pets have Instagrams, leave me a link as well and I’ll follow.

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