Behind the blog name

There comes a time in every blogger’s career where they have to explain why oh why did they name their blog that.

My answer is really quite simple.

It started one December with a choice tweet. Gerard Way, the former lead singer for My Chemical Romance, changed his Twitter name to Gerard Sleigh to get into the Christmas spirit.

I am always intrigued when people can create cool and interesting things with their names and get slightly jealous because I can never think of anything cool and creative to do with mine. I can’t even think of nicknames. What can you possible do with Rena?

I thought of every possible thing to do with Christmas. Red Rena? Rena Bells? I was desperately reaching for something that just wasn’t going to happen. Until I looked over and saw my stuffed Sven the Reindeer from last Christmas from when my mom went to Disney without me (still a little bitter about it).


It was perfect. It was cute. It was everything I wanted so, I changed my Twitter name to Rendeer. I was festive for the season. It felt good to be able to participate in something so wholesome and fun.

Then February rolled around and my boyfriend jokingly pointed out it wasn’t Christmas anymore. Since it wasn’t December, he felt the festivities were over.

But I wasn’t done yet. I had plans for this name.

My old Twitter handle was @renarants because I basically used Twitter as a way to vent. But then, since I am petty and spiteful in very minor ways, I changed my whole handle to @renadeer so my boyfriend could fight me over whether or not it was Christmas.

And a name was born.

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