Device and App Review: Fitbit Charge 2

I recently bought a Fitbit Charge 2 and figured I would do a little review on it.

Let me just open by saying I am not the most health-conscious or active person. I exercise very irregularly and eat whatever I fancy. But I was interested in tracking what I was doing to motivate myself to make more healthy decisions in my life. I am a pretty healthy person overall, but I knew I needed some improvement. Don’t we all?

I used a bad method of writing down when I exercised, but that didn’t really work out. I couldn’t really see how I was improving or not improving. I also had no idea how much water I was drinking, how much I was eating, was I walking enough steps? Do I sleep enough?

Enter the tracking devices. I was interested in getting one for a while because I thought they were pretty cool, and I thought they would help me up my health game. The main thing that kept me from getting one was I have very small wrists, and I was convinced it would look ugly on me.

After my boyfriend bought himself a Fitbit (not sure which one he has), I reconsidered. He has had a few smart watches in the past, and he likes having the phone notifications and other features. He told me he actually liked the Fitbit and showed me the app, so I decided to look into it and get myself one.

I chose the Charge 2 because it has a smaller screen, which I thought would look better on my dainty wrists. Plus, it is still a good size for checking the time and glancing at a message. And the small fits really well. I’m surprised I don’t need to have it on the smallest notch either.

Black was the best option for me because I like my accessories to match as many outfits as possible. Especially one I would be choosing to wear every day. To be honest with you, I don’t think this watch takes away from any outfit I have worn either casually or professionally.

And I didn’t think it was that expensive. Apple watches are anywhere from $200-$400 dollars, maybe more, and the Fitbit Charge 2 I got on Amazon for $145. Considering the market for smart watches, I thought I got a pretty good deal. Besides, Apple isn’t known to be a fitness tracker.

So I like the watch aspect. So how about the app?

The app is really simple to use, and I really like the way it is set up.

When you first set it up, it asks you for fitness goals and what you want to keep track of, which helped me prioritize my own health goals. It tracks steps, flights, heart rate, exercise, water intake, caloric intake and burn, and even sleeping habits. You can also set your goals for gaining or losing weight if that was an interest of yours. All of these categories have their data placed into easy-to-understand charts as well, and there are tips on how to improve in the ways of your goals.

I like having this data because it helps me see what I can be doing better. I also just like having data. The app works off of Bluetooth sync with your phone, so it constantly updates well. It also doesn’t detract from my phone battery life.

Overall, I am very happy with this. I was worried at first, mostly just because of cosmetic issues, but in-person, the watch isn’t all that bad looking. Plus, I can’t keep my phone on me at work, so it’s nice to see who is contacting me during the day. I also enjoy all this new data about myself I am collecting.

I am on my way to a better, healthier me, thanks to this nifty little device.

What are your opinions are smart watches or fitness trackers? Do you have a favorite? Share in the comments what you like and dislike about these devices.


**This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to make this, nor am I affiliated with Fitbit.**


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