25 Pet Peeves

We all have those habits or actions that seem to make our skin peel backwards and our skin pinch. Some things are just so irritating! I, personally, am very easily triggered, but there are just some behaviors that irk my muscles right off the bone. Here are some of my biggest pet peeves (in the order I thought of them):

  1. Snapping.
  2. Loud chewing/smacking. (Especially when it comes from chewing with your mouth open. Close your mouth, fam.)
  3. Holding your fork/spoon like a shovel.
  4. Not saying hello or acknowledging my existence when I greet you (I work retail, and this happens so often…I say hello, and the customer just plops their items down and scrolls on their phone. Not even a smile or anything to indicate that they even heard me. Rude.)
  5. When someone eats my snacksĀ that I specifically bought for me (selfish, I know. But I already called dibs, and you go and eat it anyway? Rude.)
  6. Not hearing me the first time.
  7. Nail biting. (It’s disgusting, and I wish you would stop. I understand it’s a hard habit to kick or a nervous tick, but it is so gross. Just stop. Get your hands out of your mouth.)
  8. Commenting on how small I am or how young I look. (Especially with a lame joke. Like I get it, I’m smaller than average and I look really young… Congrats, Captain Obvious, you aren’t the first person to notice.)
  9. People trying to talk to me while I am obviously reading.
  10. Having a ton of change and nothing to do with it except hoard it in a bucket.
  11. People who think they are better than you.
  12. Asking for my help, but then not taking any advice or making me do the entire favor. (For example, if someone asked me to help paint a room, but then I wound up painting the whole room myself.)
  13. Saying only English should be spoken in America when there are tons of beautiful languages that exist.
  14. Litter.
  15. People who throw recyclables in the trash can (especially when there is a bin for recyclables right next to it).
  16. Socks that slide off your feet. (Looking at you toe liners).
  17. When I am trying to talk and people cut me off and never let me finish or talk over me
  18. When people think “a lot” is one word. (It is not “alot,” it is “a lot.” Two. Words.)
  19. A sense of underserved entitlement.
  20. When you are told to meet someone at a specific time, but they decide to be late… every time. (Obviously there are some reasonable excuses from time to time, but every time? You know I’m chronically ten minutes early… compromise?)
  21. When people don’t understand what personal space is. (I need that, plus a little extra. Also, don’t touch me.)
  22. When other people do my laundry (I know what doesn’t go in the dryer or what to lay flat to dry or what doesn’t even go in the washer… if I find one more bra in the dryer, I’m going to scream)
  23. Emotional manipulation.
  24. When I finally have complete alone time, but it gets interrupted or ends too soon.
  25. People telling me what I already know like I don’t know it.

Sometimes we need to step back and not let little things bother us. But I can’t always help it when it comes to these behaviors. So what are your biggest pet peeves? Share in the comments!

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