Easter bucket DIY

For my journey of celebrating every holiday this year, I decided to make some Easter treats. But what are treats without a nice decorative container? I found some DIY tutorials (which I will link) and combined them to make these cute little buckets.

What I used:


  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Hot glue
  • Clear craft glue
  • 3” round glass bottom or compass
  • Clothes pins


Alright, let’s start. At first, I was going to put the styrofoam in the buckets to make a little garden inside, but the buckets were too small and the styrofoam too big, even though I read the inches on Amazon, I still messed up. So to improvise, I hot glued the little buckets to the styrofoam to use as a base. I guess this works out better because now there is more space in the bucket.


Okay, now here’s where it got a little messy. Once the hot glue has dried, Take your craft glue, and liberally apply to the top and sides of the styrofoam base. Then add some Easter grass. You’ll have to press and use your hands to cup the base to really get the grass to stick. I got glue all over my hands and everything. This is why it’s also important to use the craft glue, NOT the hot glue.


It is best to leave the grass to dry overnight, but since I’m impatient, I started decorating the buckets. You can decorate the buckets before glueing, if you wish. I chose to use sticky letters to label each bucket because that’s what I had in my craft box, and I planned on giving them to particular people. You can use washi or duct tape, stickers, permanent markers, whatever you please.


Okay, almost done the buckets! Next are the tissue paper flowers. I was going to do little pompom creatures, but when I tried, it was an epic Pinterest fail, so I stuck with foliage.

The first flower I made was a little too big, but I’ll take you through the motions because I made more at a smaller size. I made three different types of flowers:

  1. Big and fluffy (then littler puffs)
  2. Long flower
  3. Looks like a carnation

Big and fluffy (then littler puffs)

Okay first, I measured a 5” square (for the little flowers, I made them 3”). Then, with my stack of tissue paper squares (you want at least 5-10 sheets), then I folded them like an accordion.

After accordion folding, find the center of your piece (you can do this by folding in two) and tightly tie a piece of string around it. Trim off any excess string. Cut the edges of the tissue paper to round them.


Next, pull up each piece of tissue gently towards the center so all pieces are standing up. Then bam, flower.


These ones were a little too big for my buckets, so I only made two. Then made some smaller ones with different colors.

Long flower

Okay, so when you look at mine, and then the tutorial, you’ll notice … well, they don’t look the same at all. That is because I messed up and did the tutorial a little differently out of sheer laziness.

So, start by making circles. I used the bottom of a glass to make mine.


Then I cut them out and used clothes pins to keep the little pieces together. Once again, you want a healthy 5-10 sheets at least.


Then here is where I messed up. I did the same thing I did for the big flowers at this point. The tutorial flowers used a wire so you can stick it on a styrofoam ball, but since I didn’t have sharp enough scissors or the desire to look for wire, I made something up.

So fold your circles accordion-style, tie, then peel up. It gets a little difficult because it’s small, but don’t worry about rips; they usually get lost in the pieces. Can’t even see them.


And now we have a weird, long flower that I think are actually kind of pretty. I only made two, because like I said, it’s small and annoying to make.


Looks like a carnation

These had to be the easiest to make. So start with your circles. I used the same cup for this one as the long flower, so about 3”. Then staple the center with two staples crossing over each other. Next, cut slits in the sides. You only need little slits and don’t worry about making them evenly spaced. Mine sure weren’t. Now, take the first piece and crinkle it towards the center. Take each piece after and do the same, keeping everything crinkled together.


And then we have a small, carnation-like flower.

Next step is to glue (craft glue) your flowers to the styrofoam base. Doesn’t matter how you set them up, just make sure you think it’s pretty. And there you have it: a cute little bucket for your Easter treats!


After all the glue has dried, you can also take the time to trim up the Easter grass to make it look a little tidier, if you please. I didn’t for the picture just yet because the glue wasn’t dry.

Over the next few days, I will be baking some treats, so stay updated on what I’m doing with this week’s Easter Special Posts! Follow or sign up for email if you want to be notified when I make new posts.

So what do you think? These are cute right? Anyone else making any Easter DIY’s? Link them below!

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