How I organize my life

We all need a little something to keep track of what’s happening in our daily lives. I have a current system that has been working out, however, I’ve been wanting to try a bullet journal to keep all my necessary to-do’s in one place.

But that’s another post. At the moment, i use an Action Day Planner, a to-do notebook, a desk calendar, a dry-erase board, and a mini calendar.

The Action Day Planner was great for college. I had all my class times, appointments, logged work hours, homework assignments – all color-coded and easy to find. But since I left school, I find I don’t need to divide up my day by specific times. So that section has just become my ever-changing work schedule. I find myself wishing I had more space for writing down not-so-time-sensitive to-do’s and events down in a bigger block as opposed to having a time log.

The mini calendar I got from my grandmother. It has quotes and pretty flowers in it. But since I have a massive desk calendar, I wasn’t sure what to do with the mini one. Until I started a blog. This calendar was perfect to put blog post ideas in and schedule them at the same time. I have posts planned until July! This is good for me to see what days I want to post, what working title I have going, and it’s easy to white-out any changes of draw arrows.

i’ve been using my giant desk calendar a little less than I would like to, but the truth is, I never work at my desk. And if I do, all my stuff is on top of it, so it’s annoying to move everything to write on it. Granted, it makes my desk look more efficient and professional, but it just isn’t practical. After this year, the desk calendar must go. I can sacrifice looking studious for something a little more practical.

As for habit tracking, I use my whiteboard. I bought the one I use off of Amazon. I use post-its to block of the days of the week and the habits I want to track and fill in each block as the week continues. This allows me check my weekly progress in terms of how much water I’m drinking, if I took my vitamins daily, exercise, Duolingo, the works. it’s also nice for writing quick little reminders on the side like: “pick up more milk.” Seeing everything laid out makes me feel better about the habits I have been doing well on, and let’s me see the habits I need to work on.

Now, I do use the notepad app and the calendar app on my phone. The calendar app is mainly used for jotting an event down to be transferred to my at-home planner later, or if I need to set a reminder to do something by a certain day. I also keep all my birthdays listed in there so my regular, daily calendar isn’t cluttered. As for the notepad, this is used for when I don’t want to use a physical notebook, or am on the go, or need to have something handy. I like using it mainly for grocery lists or little writing ideas.

As you can see, I have way to many notebooks and calendars involved in keeping my life together. That is why I have ordered a dotted journal and plan on starting a bullet journal soon. I already started playing with layouts and what I want to keep track of.

So stay tuned for the bullet journal reveal! It should be here within the next few weeks.

What about you? How to you keep yourself from falling off the rails?

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