50 things I want to do before I die

Sorry for only posting once last week… So this week, I will be posting today, Wednesday, and Friday, to make up for it!

So I guess by the title you know this is going to be another lovely listicle. There are some low-key things I want to do before I die, and some things are a little bigger. Either way, it’s something that I feel I need to experience if I ever have the chance. Also, these are in no particular order, just the way I thought and typed them out.

  1. eat alone in a restaurant
  2. get a tattoo
  3. learn enough Spanish to speak to someone
  4. pole dance (for myself though, not like at a club)
  5. learn to play the ukulele
  6. finish a novel and have it published
  7. ride a double-decker bus in London
  8. visit an Irish castle
  9. see a drive-in movie
  10. see the northern lights
  11. participate in the color run
  12. do a handstand
  13. buy a house
  14. feed a red panda
  15. get a master’s degree
  16. plant and maintain my own garden
  17. go to Disney
  18. be my goal weight
  19. visit platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station
  20. try and beat a world record
  21. volunteer at an animal shelter
  22. be able to drive wherever without having fear
  23. learn to swing dance
  24. try every ben and jerry’s ice cream flavor
  25. ride my bike on the boardwalk
  26. go to a New York Rangers game
  27. take a photo everyday for a year
  28. touch my toes
  29. ride an actual train (not a subway)
  30. attend a masquerade
  31. learn how to make pretzels
  32. take the midnight train going anywhere
  33. keep a bullet journal for a year
  34. learn a self-defense move
  35. learn how to watercolor paint
  36. read 100 books in one year
  37. go to Ikea
  38. attend a Native American pow wow
  39. go to the movies by myself
  40. see a Ted Talk live
  41. make the New York Times Bestseller’s list
  42. complete a crossword puzzle
  43. write a children’s book (and be published)
  44. bowl more than 100 points
  45. run a mile in less than ten minutes
  46. fly first class
  47. stay in a five-star hotel
  48. do a split
  49. attend a ball
  50. build a Rube Goldberg

I tried to refrain from writing all the places I want to visit to keep the list short… Maybe I’ll make a “Places I Want to Visit” post at a later date… So what do you guys think? What’s on your list of things to accomplish or do before we leave this world?

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  1. Such a good list!! Most of these are also on my bucket list <3 Good Luck!!


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