8 things I love about Spring

Goodbye long winter nights, and hello warm, spring days. Today is the first day of spring, and my body is ready.
I can’t wait for:

The sun’s warmth

I can’t wait for warmer days where I don’t need a jacket to leave the house. Or the cold breaking the skin on my hands. My skin is so dry. I also live in a shore town, so it will be nice to visit the boardwalk regularly again. I snuck a few walks in when the weather was unseasonably warm, but this so needs to be a weekly occurrence at least.

Light Jackets

I don’t mind wearing a hoodie or lightly-lined jacket until spring really kicks in. I’ve been looking into bombers, utility, or anorak jackets, since I actually don’t have a light jacket. The lightest jacket I have is a leather jacket. At first, I’ll admit, I wasn’t too into the anorak look until I found out this style of jacket comes in colors other than olive. Seriously, why is this jacket so probably in olive?

Flowers. Vegetation. Life.

I really miss the leaves on the trees. And i love seeing wildflowers in bloom, or people’s gardens in full swing. They don’t call us the Garden State for nothing. I’m also not hating the floral patterns this year. I normally find them disgusting, but I think I found I don’t like busy patterns. A light floral is okay though.

To wear sneakers again.

In the winter, I tend to wear boots so often, I forget what other shoes feel like. I have like 3 pairs of Vans (and I’m getting another pair soon…), and I can’t wait to wear them. Or the more athleisure or leisurely look that spring allows more than winter. I pick staying warm over stylish; spring allows me to be more carefree.

Blush and other colors

I can’t get over how much I love the color blush. Even though red seems to be the color of the season, I’m going to stick to a more neutral, airy color. Pink suits me better than red anyway. Also, I love pastels. Or bright colors. I love colors. Spring always brings about the best light and bright shades. It’s like a dose of happiness. Winter tends to have deep shades that have a somber feeling. I’m ready for some cheeriness.

Later nights

Now that the sun will be out longer, I can stay out longer. And the nights won’t be frigid. There’s nothing like being out all day into the night, watching the sky go from blue to orange to deep blue.

Spring dresses

I work in a retail store…there are so many dresses that came in that I want. Stupid no-spend month! (Update: I’m doing really well so far). I bought one dress in February that I absolutely cannot wait to wear. And I want 10,000 more.

Driving with the windows down, music up

Nothing beats the wind-whipped hair and some good vibes. Honestly, the emotion you feel while driving like this on the way to the beach should have its own name.
What are your favorite things about spring?

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