My morning routine

Ideally, getting out of bed and starting your day would be easier. Mornings aren’t always the same. Sometimes there is more time and other times there is no time. I compromise by not doing some things just to stay in bed for an extra few minutes. Yet there are some morning habits I have developed even though they aren’t restricted by specific times.

First and foremost, I have to use the bathroom and then I eat as soon as my eyes open. I think breakfast is important, and it holds a special place in my heart for being the first time eating on a new day. No matter if it is my day off or if I am working, this is always the primary step of my morning routine. Breakfast is a must. I’ve been eating bagels and cream cheese with strawberries or grapes on the side. I also try my best to drink one full glass of water with breakfast because, you know, health.

If my cat catches me in the kitchen and my dad hasn’t fed her, she’ll scream at me to let me know. After taking care of her, I hop back into bed and scroll on my phone. This is a habit I want to try and break because I spend way too much time in bed. Bed is so nice, who even wants to leave theirs in the morning?

If I have time to shower before work, I usually take this time in bed to let the baby oil soak in. I’ve been putting baby oil on my scalp before washing to help the dryness. So far, it really has been working. The article I read said to let it soak in over night, but I don’t want oil all over my pillow nor do I have a scarf or towel to wrap around my head… not that I think I could even sleep in one. Then it’s to the shower for me and then lotion.

If I have to go to work in the morning, however, I usually start my makeup after breakfast. Depending on how many times I hit snooze depends on if I do a whole face or just foundation and mascara. I’ve become that person who needs a one-color face and some nicely defined lashed before I step foot out the door. If it is a non-work day, I lotion my face, then I put on a little more makeup. I just got a Too Faced Peach Palette, and I’m in love with it. If I don’t want eyeshadow, I might just line the eye. For everyday, I don’t usually mix shadow and liner because I don’t want to look too done up. My outfits are too casual for that.

If it’s a work day, then comes dressing, making myself lunch, then going out the door. I don’t do my hair often; it’s either a quick brush through or I put half of it up with a clip. Days off or closing shifts gives me more time to be lazy or run errands and do chores. If I have to go to the grocery store, I try to leave by ten. This way, I miss all the older people shopping around lunchtime, and I miss the lunch traffic. I like when the store is mostly empty.

All in all, I have a pretty standard beauty routine. I don’t know how people have those routines where they do so much in the morning, or those people who can wake up and just start doing work. What is their secret? How do you just wake up and get started? I consider myself a morning person, but I never can just wake up and willingly start doing productive things. Like most writing tips say you should get your writing done in the morning so write 1,000 words before starting your day. What they don’t have other responsibilities? They ain’t got nothin’ else to do? Are they actually machines?

Maybe it has to do with changing your habits to be in that productive mindset. For now, I enjoy taking things slow in the morning when I can. What’s the rush? I’m more of an afternoon person anyway.

What is one thing in the morning you have to do in order to feel complete the rest of the day? Mine is definitely breakfast, in case that wasn’t clear…

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