10 things I can’t live without

This list will consist of the material objects in my life, not like, survival essentials. Of course, there are more important things in my life, like my cat, friends, family, etc. that I would have a hard time living without. But let’s stick to the less emotional aspect and focus on the objects in my life.

  1. Macbook Pro/iPad mini

I absolutely love Apple products. I used to have a HP laptop that pooped out on me after 5 years. So when I was off to college, I wanted to get a Mac so I could learn how to use them since the school I was going to had Macs in the labs. Let me tell you, it changed by life. It’s so easy to navigate. The key board is nice and very easy to type on without making the gross clicking sounds. It’s a nice size; I went with the 13 inch. And no problems whatsoever. … So far. But it’s been almost four years now.

As for my iPad, I love it for when I want to browse social media or shop but don’t want to necessarily use my laptop because it’s too big, or my iPhone because it’s too small.

  1. G2 Pilot Pens

I LOVE the way these pens write. And they come in all kinds of colors, which I LOVE because I love color-coding or just writing in a color that isn’t standard.

  1. Cookies

I love snacks. But cookies top that list. It’s a nice crisp, sweet treat. My favorite cookies in order are: chocolate chip, peanut butter, and snickerdoodles.

  1. Chapstick

I can drink ten gallons of water and STILL have chronically chapped lips. So I bring chapstick with me everywhere. My go-to is just the regular chapstick brand. But if the dryness gets serious, I slather on Vaseline Petroleum Jelly for a moisturized party on my lips.

  1. Socks

Yes, I am one of those. I wear socks ALL the time. preferably ones with cute animals on them. I can walk around outside barefoot if i must, but if I’m inside and cozy, socks are a must.

  1. Crochet blanket made with love

I can’t remember how old I was when my grandma made this blanket for me, so it isn’t quite a baby blanket, but I’ve had it for years. Obviously the blanket made with love in every stitch is my favorite blanket. I even took it to college with me. Also, it developed a few holes, but luckily grandma was kind enough to fix it. I love this blanket.

  1. Face Lotion

Apparently, I’m a desert. My lips, my hands, and my face all suffer from dryness. Especially in winter. My face lotion of choice is Clinique’s moisturizing gel, but I use Olay Active Hydrating lotion when I’m poor. Honestly, the Clinique lotion has changed my face and made it less red from dryness and so smooth. Big recommend.

  1. My bed

I recently bought a new bed. Well, recent as in a year ago, but that’s still new, right? It’s memory foam and it’s a queen size. Which means plenty of room for all my pillows and my cat. It’s so cozy, I literally wake up with a smile on my face. If I could stay in it all day I would.

  1. Target

All hail the greatest big-box store ever: Target. Target has almost become sort of a safe haven. And it’s right next to the Taco Bell, which also should have probably made this list… Anyway, it has pretty much everything I’d ever need in it, from clothes, to cute homeware, to food. And it’s usually so clean. Most of the time, the prices are fairly decent too.

  1. Calendar or planner

I have to see the big picture, and i have to have it written down. Whenever I type something into my phone, I almost immediately forget about it. But having a nice planner or calendar let’s me see what I want to-do or have to-do all in one spot. I don’t lead a very busy life, but it’s nice to see when I have tasks done, or appointments or parties. You know, Having it all written down makes it look like I am doing things. Even if it is just popping off to the store or cleaning the kitchen.

That’s what I could compile into a list of material things I cannot live without. What about you? What’s special or absolutely necessary in your everyday life?

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