Why I switched to using makeup brushes

When I first started doing my makeup, I copied my mom did for lack of someone else to really teach me. My mom just puts some product on her hands and slathers it on her face. And for years, this worked for me too. It was quick. It was easy. I was using my own free, nature-given tools that could easily be washed off.

However, I was curious. In college, my friends used brushes because they didn’t want to use their oily hands to apply product to their faces. I always washed my hands before and after, since I’m a hand-washing fiend, but that made my hands unbearably dry. Also, GoodHousekeeping has a nice article with picture comparisons on using your hands versus using a brush.

So I gave makeup brushes a try.

And let me tell you, it’s the best decision I made in 2017 so far.

No longer does my face looked caked with makeup. I can easily even out the product for a flawless finish. It made take me a few extra minutes to paint everything evenly, but it’s worth it. Once I get better at it, I’m sure it won’t take much longer than using my hands. Plus, no one wants cake face. It’s worth it to not have cake face.

One of the other reasons that kept me from using brushes was washing them. I won’t hesitate to tell you how extremely lazy I am. Personally, I only use a concealer, foundation, eye liner, and blush brush at the moment. I don’t often use eye shadow for an everyday look, so I’m only washing four brushes. It takes like five minutes. And I only wash them once a week. In fact, I don’t mind washing them as much as I thought I would. I use brush shampoo I bought from Sephora, and watching all the makeup and grime slither down the sink encourages me to clean them even more.

Besides the laziness within me, I didn’t want to shell out the money for makeup brushes. That’s where my good friends E.L.F. and EcoTools come in, both of which can be bought from Target. Neither of the sets or single brushes I have bought so far seem overpriced or bad quality. I love each one. And E.L.F. is cruelty-free and EcoTools is environmentally friendly. If that doesn’t convince you to invest in some brushes, I don’t know what will.

In addition, I had no idea what brushes are used for what product, but the ones I bought are nicely labeled. Granted, I don’t know any special motions or tricks for brushes. I basically just paint my face. But the difference between brush and finger-painting is worth noting.

Lastly, I feel like since I switched to brushes, I’ve been wasting a lot less product. The brushes allow me to apply a nice even finish, so there isn’t any caking or sparse spots, so I don’t need to wipe off or add more product. That means more saved product in the long run, and less buying makeup.

Brushes aren’t for every product. Cream shadows and the like are better suited for hands. But I find using brushes for the products I have has made a great difference on my face.

So what is it for you: #TeamHands or #TeamBrushes?

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