8 phone games your SO can play while you shop

Bringing along a significant other while shopping can be fun.
But it can also be boring on their end if they just follow you around the whole day. And what are they supposed to do while you take 10 minutes to check out each individual outfit in the dressing room?

Smartphones to the rescue! Here are 8 games that you’re SO can play while they wait:

This one is fun for those that want to dominate the world. You create a ope of disease by choosing certain attributes in a DNA system and then the games begin. As time goes on, the world reacts and you can develop your disease in response. It can go by pretty quick, and there are so many combinations to try.
This game is a point-based game. You get points by hopping a ball over an ever-changing landscape. This one is frustratingly fun and free! It’s also a game they can easily stop if you’re ready to venture onto the next location.
Another point-based game involving a moving ball, except this time you’re trying to stay on track. You tap the screen to keep the ball from falling off and collect crystals to boost your score. The ball moves in two directions to create a zigzag motion.
If they like close-encounters and those point systems, then Insanity is for them. You move a little furry monster around to avoid signs and collect power-ups that make game play more interesting. Signs multiply or speed up and are harder o avoid as game play continues.
If your SO is more into puzzles, then this one is for them. The point of this game is to slide cute little red blocks into each other to become one by moving the blue and purple obstacles around them. Also, the game has some pretty cute sound effects.
This is another puzzle game. I used to play this on an actual board with plastic cars and everything, but now it’s playable on the go! Move the cars around to try and get your car out of what looks like a parking lot. And try not to trap yourself in!
iPhoneAndroid (Unblock Car is equivalent)
Is your SO an adventurer? This game is pretty interesting. Your in a soda tavern and have to hire adventurers to enter the dungeon to fight off monsters and collect gold. You hire a team and equip them with better weapons as you gain more gold. You can also upgrade the tavern you are in. The instructions are easy to follow, and I can see myself playing it more.
I got hooked on this one awhile back. You own and buy restaurants and cook orders for customers as they come in. As you play, different recipes are available. Also, you can decorate your restaurant and upgrade your kitchen with the profits you earn.

These are just a few games I have played. I feel these are the best games to walk away from and continue at a later time as well. Most phone games are like that, I guess, but I enjoy these ones. What phone games do you play that you feel fit this category? Or just games you like to play in general?

(The above photo is a screenshot from my phone of the game icons, I did not create any of them obviously).

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