A spring break secret

How many movies and TV shows glorify the college party?

Now how many more put the “ultimate spring break” above that? Most college students think going away on spring break with their friends is a right of passage, a must for independence and to have the true college experience.

Yet, not everyone can go and not everyone should.

College tuition has steadily been on the rise. For most people, that means many loans. It seems that students forget that they are already in debt because they don’t see the loans. Spring break shenanigans isn’t a good idea for someone like me who wants to get a car, go a semester abroad, or want to not work three jobs to make up for the week you wasted in Cancun.

According to expedia.com, it would cost me around $200 to fly to Cancun and stay there for a week. That doesn’t seem bad. But, if I did these calculations correctly, it would cost around $4,460 for the hotel room for the week. So it’ll be close to $5,000 to stay there, if we factor in some food costs.

Working a minimum wage job all summer wouldn’t make me anywhere near that much.

You can argue splitting the costs between friends would help and student discounts and all that, but I propose a better idea: a staycation.

A staycation is when you stay home instead of traversing the globe.

Sounds less exciting doesn’t it?

But fear not! It can be fun and relaxing, which is the purpose of spring break anyway.

Here are some things you can do while at home:

1. Spend Time with Family

You know, those people you haven’t seen in two or three months? They miss you. And so does your dog. Vegging around the house for a few days, with some outings with friends will feel relaxing and comforting, and take away the stress midterms imprinted on your brain.

2. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Living in a shore town makes this easy. But if you live in a quiet town, find some quiet things, or jump the next town over and see what’s over there. Go to that museum they always took you for field trips in middle school. Go to that new restaurant that opened. New store? Old store? Do something different close by with friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

3. Start Looking for a Summer Job Now

This is one of the more responsible tasks you could do. Looking around to see where is hiring, or maybe visiting where you used to work could benefit you in the job hunt. Looking now could also mean an early interview, and maybe an early hire, which means you could start working after finals week. If that’s the sort of thing you would like to do.

Besides jobs, internships are also a good idea. Chegg has a good internship to find paint or unpaid internships in your area.

Really looking to fill up your time? Why not volunteer in your community?

4. Catch up on Some Reading

Being a Com major means piles of chapters and writing assignments during the semester. I’ve had a book I’ve been reading since Christmas and still haven’t gotten through. Granted, the book is 600 pages long, but I should’ve been done by now. If you’re like me and have a long to-read list or have a reading challenge for 2015, spring break is a good time to catch up.

Not into reading? Why not start a project? Have a painting idea you’ve been meaning to sketch? Plan to build a shed? Whatever you’re into. Pick up the hobby you love that you had to drop while away at college.


It seems a multitude of college students think they are above sleeping. Or think it’s a waste of time. Please get some rest. Sleeping is essential for memory and overall health. Sleep deprivation is a scary thing that leads to health risks such as ADD or cardiovascular issues, according to WebMD. Spring break is a good time to practice good sleeping habits. Trust me, it’s worth it.

A staycation might seem unglamorous, but it is just the refreshing R&R week that every college student needs. I plan on going to the boardwalk, finishing Dune by Frank Herbert, and spending quality time with my cat.

Maybe you have some of your own ideas? What can you do at home? Comment below and share some stories or ideas!

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